North American beaver


The clock serves as a functional and also decorative element which gives a zest to your interior. We draw inspiration mainly in nature.

The properties of acrylic are really too similar to wool. It is a very light material that is also pleasant to touch and easy to maintain in good condition. Its huge advantage is an excellent color retention and also hypoallergenic properties in contrast to the wool.

The clock made of acrylic has a square size of 28x28cm, a circle with a diameter of 30cm, a rectangle size of 20x30cm and a thickness of 6mm.

  • Sepia
  • Color
Hands color
  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Red


The Vihorlat Hills area, majestically rising above Zemplín, was known for its wild beech forests, forest glades and vibrant count of hunting animals in the middle ages. The local nobility, whether they were Drugeth's, Csaky's or Andrassy's, used these hills in the heart of Europe not only for silence and peace, but also for the relaxation connected with hunting. Hunters spent hours waiting in dense forests for the right moment, waiting minutes for the right shot, and seconds separating them from success.

Oak is a deciduous tree with a dark cracked rind and belongs to a group of beech plants. Oak grows to a height of 30 to 40 meters and lives around 400-500 years. Oak wood is very heavy and durable as well as Royal Watch products.

The heart of the clock is a clock movement that gives the clock the power to move on. Used clock movement in Royal Watch work with exceptional precision thanks to precise and high-quality processing of German production, which is on 1pc AA battery, including hanging bracket (Battery not included!).

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